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Q. Will changing the exhaust system on my new car void the warranty?

A. Every manufacturer has different policies. Check with your dealership, however as a general rule any modifications that do not interfere with oxygen sensors or engine management systems (such as Cat-Back exhausts) are usually acceptable.

Q. I'm worried about cabin noise and/or drone. How do you overcome this?

A. Unlike cheaper imported product we make systems that avoidresonant frequencies that cause a drone effect at certain RPM's.  With quality materials used during the manufacturing process our products provide the quality sound that you expect.

Q. Why should I choose a hitech system?

A. Our systems are dyno-proven by independent tuners.  We guarantee that the sound when fitted will be the same 10 years down the track.  Other suppliers manufacture in asia, enough said.

Q. Is the system street-legal?

A. All off-the-shelf products are meet the ADR's for the years that they are designed for. Across our product range we use genuine 304 stainless steel specifically suited to exhaust applications. Our catalytic converters are manufactured in the USA and pass EPA and RTA requirements for emissions while giving marked improvements in performance and flow.

Q. Will this system cause my engine warning light to come on?

A. More advanced engine management systems are sensitive to changes.  We ensure that our product is within the paramters required by the factory computer.  We have the technical skill to work through these issues and are often called on to remedy problems caused by other shops to exotics and performance luxury cars.

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